According to the latest rumors, Fujifilm is looking to take their largely successful APS-C offerings and make the jump to producing some full frame options as well. This news comes after the new Fujifilm X-T1 is becoming one of the biggest releases of the year so far.


Not much else is shared on the topic of a Fujifilm Full Frame camera other than that Fujifilm is planning on doing it. This could mean something next year, or it could mean  two or even three years from now. But, given the hype and success that Fujifilm cameras command these day, and the number of pros that are considering switching, this is noteworthy and something many of us will be anticipating.

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I think it could only be a good thing if Fujifilm joined Sony with some mirrorless full frame cameras. As good as the A7 and A7r are, they are not enough on their own to kick Canon and Nikon’s collective butts into gear.

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Maybe if Fujifilm can translate the success of their X-Series APS-C cameras into a quality full frame offering, it can scare Canon and Nikon out of their ruts and get them back to innovating and pushing the edge. I am also interested to see if Fujifilm can make as good of a full frame as they do crop bodies.

Would you consider a Fujifilm full frame camera? Do you think they can pull it off, and if so, what would the ramifications be on the market? Share your thoughts below to join the discussion.

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