One way Fujifilm has engendered brand loyalty is through their consistent Kaizen updates. Fuji users can rest assured that as camera tech presses forward, their older Fuji cameras will continue to receive significant upgrades. Yesterday two cameras received updates while it has been announced that two others will be postponed until July.

The X-T2, released in 2016, has just received firmware version 4.10 and this year’s film-centric release, the X-H1 gets firmware version 1.10. Meanwhile, the X-Pro2 and the GFX 50S were slated to get updates this month, but Fuji announced they will be pushed back a month.

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Many of the updates for the two bodies are exactly the same, with a few extras added for the X-T2 that appear to be a bit of a trickle-down from the X-H1’s stash of video goodies as well as some bug fixes. This is the stable version of the botched Firmware 4.00, which was rolled back as Fuji ironed out the wrinkles and is now apparently fine to use.

In addition to the firmware updates, Fuji’s smartphone app, FUJIFILM Camera Remote, was updated to version 3.2 which offers support for Bluetooth capable cameras. Find it on the App Store for iOS and the GooglePlay for Android.

You can download the X-T2 firmware 4.10 here and the X-H1 firmware 1.10 here. Fuji has also made PDF feature guides for the updates. Find X-T2 firmware 4.10’s guide here and X-H1’s firmware 1.10 guide here.

Updates For Fuji X-T2 & X-H1

Addition of “Focus Bracketing”

The update will enable the photographer to shoot focus distance bracketing up to 999 frames. When the photographer begins shooting, the focal location is shifted with each activation of the shutter by the step of focus shift set from 1 to 10.

Compatible with the newly developed cinema lens FUJINON MKX18-55mmT2.9 lens and FUJINON MKX50-135mmT2.9 lens

The upgrade will add compatibility for the newly developed FUJINON MKX18-55mmT2.9 lens and FUJINON MKX50-135mmT2.9 lens

1) Aperture information can be displayed on the monitor. The upgrade allows users to select T-stop or F-stop.

2) The upgrade allows users to check the focus distance with the distance indicator shown on the monitor.

3) Automatically corrects the distortion and the color/brightness shading.

4) Camera automatically calculate the White Balance based on the lens position and deliver the color expressions with Film Simulation modes

Enlarged and customizable indicators or information

The upgrade allows users to enlarge indicators and information in the viewfinder and/or LCD monitor. This upgrade will also enable users to customize the location of where the information is shown on the display.

New functions are added to store and read of camera settings by FUJIFILM X Acquire

Once connecting a camera to a computer via USB cable, the “FUJIFILM X Acquire” allows users to backup/restore camera settings to/from a file. With “FUJIFILM X Acquire” (ver.1.7 or newer), CUSTOM REGISTRATION/EDIT settings are also stored and read.

Updates For Fuji X-T2

•Addition of F-log SD card recording

The upgrade allows users to record F-log movie data into their SD card.

•Addition of 1080/120P high-speed video mode

The upgrade allows users to shoot 1080/120P high-speed video (1/2, 1/4 and 1/5 speed slow motion), ideal for recording spectacular slow-motion footage

Enhanced Phase Detection AF

Latest updates to the AF algorithm provide the following performance enhancements :

1) The low-light limit for phase detection autofocus has been improved by approximately 1.5 stops from 0.5EV to -1.0EV, raising the precision and speed of autofocus in low-light environments.

2) The range at minimum aperture has been expanded from F8 to F11. For example, even when using the XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR with the tele converter XF2X TC WR, phase detection autofocus can now be used.

3) Major improvements have been made to the AF-C performance while operating the zoom, which provides major benefits when shooting sports and other scenarios in which the subjects moves unpredictably.

4) Finely-detailed surface textures of wild birds and wild animals can now be captured at high speed and with high precision as a result of improvement in phase detection autofocus.

Addition of “Flicker Reduction”

For enhancing the quality of indoor sports photography, the upgrade allows users to reduce flicker in pictures and the display when shooting under fluorescent lighting and other similar light sources.

The problems below occurred in Ver.4.00 are fixed.

1) When RAW files, which were taken by X-T2 (before firmware ver.4.00), are converted in camera (ver.4.00) or by “FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO”, they are not converted properly.

2) When pressing the shutter button halfway under certain conditions, the live view can flicker.

3) In rare cases, a hang-up can occur in HC mode and so on.  

Updates For Fuji X-H1

Enhanced Phase Detection AF during movie recording  

Enabled phase detection AF at smallest area size when in single point AF, making phase detection AF active all 6 area sizes both in AF-S/AF-C mode.

Expanded Phase Detection AF Area options during still shooting

Phase detection AF is now available in the smallest size single AF point when shooting in AF-S and AF-C modes. This takes the total phase detection AF areas to 6.

Enhanced Bluetooth®* connectivity via “FUJIFILM Camera Remote” app. The upgrade allows users to utilize the following functions with the latest “FUJFIILM Camera Remote” app.  

1) It synchronizes “date and time” and/or “location information” of smartphone and tablet devices when used with cameras with Bluetooth® capability  

2) The upgrade allows users to select multiple smartphones or tablet devices by paring the cameras.(Up to 7 devices)  

3) Update the firmware** of compatible cameras that offer Bluetooth® capability via smartphone or tablet devices.

4) It supports Bluetooth® wireless remote control camera shutter release** for cameras that offer Bluetooth® capability. 

* The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by FUJIFILM Corporation is under license. 

** An upgrade to the latest “FUJIFILM Camera Remote (Ver.3.2.0)” is required to operate firmware update and camera shutter release.

Addition of Fn button support for “IS Mode”  

The upgrade allows users to set the Fn button as “IS Mode” for quicker setting changes.