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Fujifilm GFX Price Leaked? Suggests $6-7,000 For Body Only

By Kishore Sawh on October 12th 2016

2016 has shaped up to be the year medium format becomes ‘accessible’, with Hasselblad leading the way the with X1D, and Fujifilm on its heels with the GFX. Ok fair enough that Leica’s S System was arguably the first DSLR/handheld style medium format but…

Anyway, with the release of the Hasselblad X1D we were served up its price and it came in at a ‘low’ $8,995 for the body, with lenses ranging from $2,695 to $3,995 in cost, and ranging from 30mm to 90mm in focal lengths. Even with the GFX’s quasi-release at Photokina, there are still a lot of unanswered questions in terms of what lens offerings we’ll see in a given timeline, but perhaps most pressingly for many is we’re still in the dark on what it may cost, speculating and perhaps even hoping at what Fuji meant by “way under $10,000”. Are we talking about a handful of farthings or a price match for the Hassy?


We know Fuji is not planning on releasing the camera until officially until Spring, which suggests we won’t get pricing until thereabouts or a bit before, but now, via FujiRumors, Vietnamese Premium FujiFilm Reseller has a GFX with 63mm 2.8 WR lens listed on their site for pre-order WITH a price tag of $8,500 with lens.


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So what can we derive from this? Well, firstly if we fairly assume the lenses will cost between $2k-$3k we arrive at a possible body cost of $6,000 USD, putting it a full $2,995 less than the Hasselblad X1D which is available for pre-order for $8,995. We fully expect a premium brand like Hasselblad to carry a higher price tag, add to that its attractive look, small form factor that makes it look like something you can walk around with, and that it has a leaf shutter built in but can take other focal plane Hassy lenses, the X1D was going to be more pricey. a speculated $6k price for the Fuji may actually be the real price or very close to it, and that would go along with Fuji’s claim of coming in ‘way under $10k’.

So, given all of this, what do you think of it? What would you pay for the GFX? Lets get some opinions we I can pester Fuji next week face to face.

Source: FujiRumors

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  1. Rob Saavedra

    Why Fuji skip the full frame sensor ??? I don’t get it..

    | |
    • Korey Napier

      Fuji have already devoted so much to their APS-C line (all their lenses are tailor made for that sensor size). Many Fuji photographers I know have switched from shooting full frame DSLR’s and have no qualms about it (and I’m one of them). The full frame market is already crazy saturated and with Fuji crushing it with their APS-C line, why even bother with FF?

      Now, MF is a different story I think. It’s a market that isn’t as saturated as FF and the fact they can make a MF camera for the cost of some FF DSLR’s is pretty remarkable. I think their efforts would be better served investing in MF camera’s and lenses as opposed to FF.

      | |
    • Justin Heyes

      Roughly the size difference from 35mm to APS-C is about the same as 35mm to the GFX (46mm) . Like Korey said the market is saturated with 35mm offerings.

      If Fuji made a 35mm sensor the difference would be negligible compared to their current offerings, but the 46mm format is something like 3.9 times bigger – a significant change

      | |
  2. Will Gavillan

    If I could get that body and the 110mm lens for less than the price of the X1D body, it would be very tempting.

    | |