It is the never ending question when it comes to Fujifilm: when will the company be upgrading its 16MP X-Trans sensor? The sensor still produces brilliant images, and is honestly still one of the best APS-C sensors on the market, if you ask me.


That said, times are changing, and a 16MP sensor really just doesn’t cut it when compared to the other options out there right now. Luckily, Fuji knows this and has a higher MP X-Trans sensor on the way. This was recently confirmed by Toshihisa Iida, a Senior Manager with Fujifilm, in an interview with DPReview.

In addition to confirming that the higher MP X-Trans sensor is on the way, Iida also talked about the importance of improving and developing better AF technology for the X-Series. This is something that I can attest to personally, as it is really the one area that is really lacking with the X-Series system. The camera acquires focus fast enough, but tracking and continuous focusing are not where they need to be quite yet.

Iida also went on to speak about improving the video capabilities of the Fuji cameras, noting that it is one of the big criticisms of the X-Series. Another area that I would like to see improved, though for me, AF is the bigger issue and higher priority.

Overall, it is a really interesting interview. If you are curious at all about Fujifilm’s plans and what they have going on, make sure to head on over to DPReview and check it out.

[via DPReview]