Fujifilm has added another camera to its ever-expanding repertoire of X-series cameras; this new one being an entry level offering to help entice first-time camera buyers, and people who primarily use smartphones for photos, into the X-system. The new X-A10 is similarly styled to the X-A3 that was announced a few months ago, but with a few cost cutting attributes that bring the price down to an even more.



The X-A10 features an 180-degree flip-out screen designed for selfies. Almost everything thing about the X-A10 seems marketed toward the smartphone crowd; from the newly designed grip that it will be comfortable to hold when shooting self-portraits to the marketing promo.

Although it is also part of the X-A family, that extra zero places it a step below the other models, effectively making it Fujifilm’s most basic and affordable interchangeable lens model. So where did Fuji cut corners over the X-A3? A 16 Megapixel APC-C size sensor is used instead of the X-A3’s 24 MP, both with the more traditional Bayer color filter. Autofocus points are lowered from 77 to 49; the touch screen feature is missing in the X-A10; reduced Film simulations (only offering Provia, Velvia, Astia, Classic Chrome, Monochrome, and Sepia), and it is without a Hotshoe. Continuous shooting is the only advantage the X-A10 has over the X-A3, with the ability to shoot 6fps for 20 images or 3fps until the card is filled.


Product Specs

  • Newly-developed 16.3-megapixel image sensor
  • 180 Degree flip-out 3-inch 1049K-dot LCD
  • ISO200 to ISO6400 with extended range to ISO25600
  • Film Simulation modes PROVIA, Velvia, ASTIA, CLASSIC CHROME, as well as Monochrome and Sepia.
  • 1/4000 Mechanical shutter and 1/32000 electronic shutter
  • 1080/30p and 720/60p video
  • 802.11 b/g/n wifi
  • Battery life – 410 frames with XF35mmF1.4 R lens

The FUJIFILM X-A10 with XC16-50mmF3.5-5.6 OIS II kit is available for pre-order from B&H for $499, $100 less than the X-A3.