Fujifilm has added another lens, the 56mm F/1.2 APD, to its already extensive collection of discounts, set to expire in just under two weeks.


The 56mm F/1.2 APD is the specialty version of the incredibly popular 56mm F/1.2, which has a special Apodization Filter. The Apodization Filter gives you a more pleasing bokeh than you can get with the original 56mm F/1.2.

Savings on the 56mm F/1.2 APD are a modest $150, not a reason to run out and buy the lens on a whim, but if you were already planning on it, it’s a nice additional savings. If you would like to take advantage of the deal, you can find it over on B&H here.

If you are interested in what the other Fujifilm deals are, you can find them listed below:

This deal on the 56mm F/1.2 APD and the other deals listed above are set to expire on March 28th. So, if you need some more time to think on it you have a little time, but not much. 13 days and counting…