The latest buzz out of the Fuji rumor camp is that the upcoming Fuji X-T10 will replace the ISO dial from the X-T1 with a standard function dial. Now, this may seem like a step back, but it makes sense, and here is why.


The X-T10 is meant to be a lower cost, budget alternative to the X-T1 – at least that is what we are being told. So based on that assumption, a lower cost/budget alternative is likely to be picked up by more beginners or people still new to photography.

Where the X-T1 is aimed at enthusiasts and professionals who want/need manual controls and quick access to certain functions, the X-T10 is aimed at the ‘Rebel’ crowd – people who prefer to use full auto or shooting modes to get the shot.

This will no doubt irritate those of use who were hoping for simply a scaled back X-T1. This change could be a deal breaker for many. Time will tell.

What are your thoughts on the dial change for the X-T10? Do you think that Fuji would be better off leaving and ISO dial, or do you think they are smart to put a function dial given the target market?

[via Fuji Rumors]