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Gear Rumors

Fuji X-T10 To Replace ISO Dial With Function Dial

By Anthony Thurston on May 4th 2015

The latest buzz out of the Fuji rumor camp is that the upcoming Fuji X-T10 will replace the ISO dial from the X-T1 with a standard function dial. Now, this may seem like a step back, but it makes sense, and here is why.


The X-T10 is meant to be a lower cost, budget alternative to the X-T1 – at least that is what we are being told. So based on that assumption, a lower cost/budget alternative is likely to be picked up by more beginners or people still new to photography.

Where the X-T1 is aimed at enthusiasts and professionals who want/need manual controls and quick access to certain functions, the X-T10 is aimed at the ‘Rebel’ crowd – people who prefer to use full auto or shooting modes to get the shot.

This will no doubt irritate those of use who were hoping for simply a scaled back X-T1. This change could be a deal breaker for many. Time will tell.

What are your thoughts on the dial change for the X-T10? Do you think that Fuji would be better off leaving and ISO dial, or do you think they are smart to put a function dial given the target market?

[via Fuji Rumors]

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  1. Ralph Hightower

    Goodbye to the good ole days when cameras had five controls, on/off, shutter, aperture, ISO, and possibly exposure compensation. I’ve got more controls on my 5D than I can master; my A-1 and F-1N are simple.

    | |
  2. Austin Swenson

    sounds just fine to me if consumers of the product don’t care…

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  3. Emilio Savov

    I’ve been playing with the X-T1 for quite some time, and it’s on AMAZING camera, and I’m sure that X-T10 will be the same. I really think of getting one when it comes to the stores near me. This is some real awesome camera, which makes you leave the big heavy backpack at home, when you just want to get some really nice photos and not want to carry the big gun. I love that X-T1 and I’m sure I’m gonna love the X-T10 too :)

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  4. Konrad Sarnowski

    One hickup in x100s – exposure compensation wheel doesn’t work when trying manual + AutoISO :(

    | |
    • J. Dennis Thomas

      I think Nikon were the first to perfect the Auto-ISO. The first incarnation was OK, then the second version added the minimum shutter speed and that made it complete. You could always apply EV comp when in Auto-ISO. I think that’s a very important feature.

      Well, maybe not exactly perfect because when testing it with flash it really didn’t work consistently. Not that I’d really want to shoot flash on Auto-ISO, but some folks might.

      | |
    • J. Dennis Thomas

      Looking at this camera makes me wish they’d do an XPro-10. A smaller interchangeable lens with hybrid VF. The XT-1 doesn’t do it for me because it’s to SLR-like, but smaller consumer XPro type of camera could lure me over for a lot of events I shoot in nightclubs A pop-up flash and slow kit zoom would be fine. I need the DoF and I’ll shutter drag the flash. But the OVF is a necessity in the dark so I don’t get night-blindness from the EVF.

      | |
  5. Konrad Sarnowski

    Honestly, as a X100s user for two years now, I think it’s not a problem – I use AutoISO most of the time… (obviously not in studio…)

    | |
    • J. Dennis Thomas

      Auto-ISO really is the way to go. As long as you’ve got your metering mastered I don’t see any reason you need to touch the ISO dial in day to day photography.

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  6. Thomas Horton

    We are missing a piece of information. If they get rid of the ISO dial, how did they incorporate changing the ISO in the new model. Also I am not clear what is meant by “standard function dial” What exactly is that?

    | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      You may know it as a Mode dial, or the dial on top of many consumer cameras that allows you to easily switch between the auto modes.

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