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Fuji X-PRO2 Updated Specs and Possible Announcement Timeframe

By Anthony Thurston on October 15th 2014

One of the big items on the wish list of many Fuji shooters for the future is an updated X-Pro, and if the latest rumors are to be believed, we should all be pretty happy.

X-PRO2 Will not be a Full Frame

According to a report over on Fuji Rumors, the X-Pro2 will be officially announced in early 2015, though that could easily change between now and then as Fuji‘s plans are constantly fluid and changing.  That said, in addition to the expected announcement timeframe of early 2015, we also have some updated specs/details for you.

Rumored Fujifilm X-Pro2 Specs/Details

  • APS-C sensor
  • 24MP sensor
  • Tilt screen
  • WiFi
  • Price about 20% to 30% more expensive than the X-T1

If the above is correct, and Fuji does, in fact, upgrade from their legendary 16MP sensor, then this is HUGE. Fuji  has been using that same 16MP sensor in all of their X-Series cameras, so debuting a new 24MP sensor in the X-Pro2 would be big news.


Not only would the 24MP be a huge boost in resolution, but it would also bring the Fuji system more in line with other manufacturers’ megapixels, making it easier for Fuji to market their system to consumers who are notorious for placing a high importance on the megapixel count.

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As for the WiFi and Tilt Screen, I think that those are a given for Fuji these days. They have one of the best WiFi setups in the industry and I don’t see any reason for them to leave that out on the X-Pro2.

Overall, it will be nice to see this rumor progress and some more specs come in. But I like what I am seeing so far. January/February can not come soon enough…


What are your thoughts on this X-Pro2 rumor? Do you think that an upgrade from 16 to 24MP is sufficient? Leave a comment below!

[via Fuji Rumors]

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. Rakesh Ravindran

    Faster focus, better evf response, weather seal, overall faster response in user interface would be top on my list. Dual slot storage would just let me completely migrate over to fuji.

    | |
  2. Jason Switzer

    We’re talking about rumors and speculation here (which is all in good fun), but I’m going to stray from commenting on the sensor and instead discuss my wish list.

    1. Make sure it’s lightweight. The whole purpose of this camera is to allow me to bring a quality kit when I travel, instead of my heavy Canon FF body & lenses.

    2. Make sure this thing performs very well at high ISO. I’m most likely not going to be using a flash with this thing.

    3. Make sure that autofocus is snappy. Slow, unresponsive autofocus is a deal breaker.

    Give me those 3 things and a 20+ megapixel sensor and I’m sold.

    | |
  3. Edward Wileczek

    16mp to 24mp is good for fuji to sell their new equipment,but if you’re a professional photographer you can get the job done with some of the oldest camera equipment.

    | |
  4. Stephen Velasquez

    I have 2 DSLR and I am in the market for a third camera and this is looking good because of the size. I hope it has an optical viewfinder. I would be cool with the 16 MP but 24 MP is the standard these days.

    | |