A while back we shared a rumor that Fuji had scrapped a minor update to the X-PRO 1 in favor of going all in on a new X-PRO2. Since then though, things have been rather quiet on the Fuji front. Until today…

X-PRO2 Will not be a Full Frame
X-PRO2 will not be a Full Frame according to this rumor…

A new set of specs for the rumored X-PRO2 hit the web in a post over on Fuji Rumors. The source was anonymous, so take these with the usual helping of salt, but still, the specs are interesting.

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Rumored Fuji X-PRO2 Specs & Details

  • 24mp APS-C Sensor (Non-Organic)
  • Tilt Screen (Probably similar to the one on the X-T1)
  • Built-In WiFi
  • Announcement expected at Photokina 2014
  • Availability expected early 2015

This is shaping up to be an interesting Photokina show based on all of the rumors about new gear expected to be announced at the show. Canon’s long awaited 7D replacement, Possibly a D300s replacement from Nikon, and now this new X-Pro2. We are still a couple months out too, so expect the rumors to become more detailed and for the regularity to increase…


What are your thoughts on these new details about the X-PRO2? Will this be the biggest Photokina of recent memory? Leave a comment below!

via Fuji Rumors