In what appears to be turning into a nice little rivalry, Fuji followed Nikon and announced some lens deals of its own over the weekend. Not only did it announce some sweet deals, but arguably they announced deals that blow the Nikon rebates out of the water.

Nikons rebates were as little as $50, and as much as $400, while Fujis rebates start at $150 and go up to $250. Most of the Nikon rebates are around or under $100, while most of the Fuji rebates are around the $200 mark. I’ll let you decide who won this mini battle…


Fuji Lens Deals

  • XF 14mm: $200 off (price @ $700) at B&H
  • XF 18mm: $200 off (price @ $400) at B&H
  • XF 23mm: $150 off (price @ $750) at B&H
  • XF 27mm: $250 off (price @ $200) at B&H
  • XF 35mm: $150 off (price @ $450) at B&H
  • XF 60mm: $250 off (price @ $400) at B&H
  • XF 55-200: $200 off (price @ $500) at B&H

If you have a Fuji, or are thinking about getting into a Fuji system (perhaps switching from Nikon, haha), then now may be a good time to do so. You can check out the full listing of Fujifilm deals over at B&H.