Back in November, Fujifilm announced their ‘new’ tethered shooting software for their top of the line X-T1. One of the many ‘small things’ that is often noted when people try out the Fuji system is the lack of tethering ability.


Well, the HS-V5 software has been released in Japan, and for a sum of 17,280 Yen it can be yours. In reality, that is like $150, so not a super spendy piece of software, but plenty costly for something that many companies include for free.

That said, it may not matter much soon anyway, as the latest rumors indicate that the next version of Lightroom will likely have the ability to shoot tethered with the X-T1. This, of-course, would likely be preferable to any sort of proprietary software for most of us anyway.  The key question is, how good will it work.

Anyway, if you simply can’t wait and need to shoot tethered on your X-T1 now, I suggest that you find a Japanese retailer and have it shipped (no guarantee it will be available in English though).

[via Fuji Rumors]