Fujifilm, famous for their consistent ‘kaizen’ updates that keep their cameras freshly interesting, has released a new batch of updates, and the winners this time around are X-Pro2 owners. The cameras included in this most recent round of firmware updates are the X-Pro2, X100F, X-T20, and X-T1.

The big exciting news is that will have X-Pro2 owners celebrating is that this particular camera has been bestowed the abilities to shoot 4K video and to tether, both wirelessly and via USB. It’s worth noting that the 4K capture will not apply to HDMI-out recording.

[Rewind:] Fuji Releases New Raw Processor, Firmware Updates For X-T2, X-T20, GFX 50S

But, that’s not all. The X-Pro2 has also received an updated autofocus tracking algorithm, which will allow for tracking in AF-C that’s twice as fast and the ability to land focus on objects 50% smaller, plus a handful of other updates.

The X-Pro2, X100F, and X-T1 are all getting support for the Instax SHARE SP-3 square instant film printer while the X-Pro2 and X100F pick up support for Fujifilm X Acquire and Fujifilm X Raw Studio, and the newer X-T20 gets a mere bug fix.

In an age where 4K can make or break public opinion on a camera, the fact that Fuji is willing to open the capabilities up in cameras that did not possess it at release should win them some public opinion points, not to mention their dedication to teaching their old dogs new tricks. For most other manufacturers, you’d be looking at a new body to get the types of updates we’re seeing for the X-Pro2.

Check out the full list of update features below:


•Addition of 4K video mode (excluding HDMI out) 
•Support for tether shooting via USB or Wi-Fi
•New AF tracking algorithm for moving subject
•Improve radio flash controller usability
•Support for backup/restore of camera settings via FUJIFILM X Acquire
•Support for “Instax SHARE SP-3”
•RGB histogram display and highlight warning
•Re-start of AF function during a movie shooting


•Support for backup/restore of camera settings via FUJIFILM X Acquire
•Support “FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO”(Macintosh)
•Improve radio flash controller usability
•Support for “Instax SHARE SP-3”
•OFF is added to the function allocation of the CONTROL RING SETTING
•Focus point can be chosen when zooming in for precise focus.


•Revision of a wrong display when “HIGH PERFORMANCE”


•Support for “Instax SHARE SP-3”

To download and read even more detailed descriptions of all the new features, click the camera model: X-Pro2, X100F, X-T20, X-T1.