As I talked about in my initial thoughts on the Fuji X-T1, this has been one of the most popular camera releases of 2014. It has been just 5 months since the camera was announced, but now rumors have cropped up that Fuji may be gearing up to release a new – hardware upgraded – version of the X-T1, and it could be announced as soon as this month!


According to the report over on Fuji Rumors, this upgraded camera may be called the X-T1b and would feature several minor updates in features and hardware. Think of it sort of like the D4 to D4s upgrade – some nice features, but nothing major. One part of the rumor that I found particularly interesting was the bit about the possible new high resolution EVF.

One thing I would like to see Fuji address is the atrocious video that I am seeing from the X-T1. I would prefer a firmware update if possible, as Fuji has been known to do, but if it’s a hardware thing, then hopefully it will be addressed in this newer model. Video, so far in my experience, on the X-T1 is almost useless. It’s heavily artifacted and the moire is out of control, really the one of my only complaints about the camera so far.

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I would also like to see the continuous AF looked at, as it is also pretty useless. But now I am getting off topic. My point is though, that the X-T1 – despite its popularity – definitely has some quirks and room for improvement. Still, releasing an updated model so soon after the original seems odd, and will likely anger some current X-T1 owners if the new features are significant in any way.


What are your thoughts on this Fuji rumor? Is it a mistake by Fuji to release and upgraded X-T1 so soon after the original models release? Leave a comment below!

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