workflow-file-managementYou’ve heard the horror stories of photographers getting their gear stolen, lost, damaged, etc. before the images make it to back up This may be one of my greatest fears. We all have (or should have) our own various methods to protecting those precious images after a shoot or wedding and safeguarding them, but I’m always looking for ways to improve my workflow process.


My typical method for a portrait session is to take the card from the camera after a shoot and carry it in my pocket until I get to my computer to upload and back up. At weddings, I try to back up on site when I switch cards to a Western Digital My Passport Wireless portable hard drive (which Anthony reviews here). I then keep those backed up cards in a little wallet that goes in my pocket.

In the following video from her Studio Systems: A Photography Business Bootcamp on Creative Live (which runs for free until November 9th), Julia Kelleher shares with us some very important tips on protecting those images from the time you take them to the time you deliver them. Julia tells us her method and reminds us the importance of having processes in place so that our business runs smoothly.

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