Wedding photography is fun. Yes, it can be stressful, with long days, hurry up and wait times, and hours of having no food or water, but it also has its magical moments; when the groom sees his bride for the first time, or when daddy tears up during the father-daughter dance – the good and the bad tend to balance each other out.

There are moments that truly cannot be forgotten, and some of them are quite unplanned – and also hilarious. As a wedding photographer and an accident prone person, I’ve had a few memorable moments while working, worthy of any blooper reel. There was the time I tripped over a ledge during the wedding reception in front of all the guests, and the time where my hair started smoking from being too close to the sparklers during the exit – luckily none caught on tape. These things happen, right? We tend to get so caught up in capturing the moment, that sometimes, we end up the center of some unwanted attention.


As we head into a long (and much needed) holiday weekend, I figured we could start the weekend off with some levity and some laughs. I know it isn’t nice to laugh at someone else’s expense, but I’d be lying if these didn’t make me giggle. It happens to the best of us, but let’s hope it never happens to you.

1. This Videographer Is “Fired!”

..and not just for standing right smack in the middle of the stage during the ceremony, but being a tad too close to the candles. Bridesmaid to the rescue!

[Via RightThisMinute]

2. Photographer Goes For a Dip in the Lake

The moment when the bride and groom are announced, the opportunity for a beautiful shot of the two lovebirds walking back up the aisle as husband and wife is truly a perfect shot. All photographers do it; we walk backward, clicking as fast as we can to get that perfect moment, and we don’t notice our surroundings. Usually, it’s not a problem…unless you are right next to a lake.

You can’t help but feel really bad for the photographer who is clearly mortified.

[Via Yahoo News]

3. Wedding Photographer Gets “Baptized”

Even if you’re not anywhere near a lake, beware of bodies of water when trying to get that walking down the aisle shot. In fact, walking backwards while shooting probably should be one of those things you shouldn’t do as a wedding photographer.

[Via YouTube]

4. “I Forgot That Was There!”

Apparently, it happens all the time. Why do churches have to put large bodies of water in the back of the sanctuary anyhow?

[Via YouTube]

5. You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round

This videographer realizes that walking in circles can cause dizziness…and dance floors are slippery.

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