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Friday Funny College Humor Photoshop Hand Hover Tool 1 Freebies and Fun

Friday Funny: Photoshop’s Best Kept Secret Feature!

By fotosiamo on March 7th 2014

Photoshop is simply an amazing software that is indispensable for many photographers and retouchers such as myself. One of the reasons why Photoshop is still the defacto standard of the industry is because of all the innovations that Adobe continues to introduce with each new version of the software.


The Photoshop Hand Hover Tool

Friday Funny College Humor Photoshop Hand Hover Tool 1

Friday Funny Photoshop Hand Hover Tool 3

Surprisingly, one of the least talked about tool in Photoshop is the Hand Hover Tool. There may be some confusion on how to properly use this tool and for what situation, so thankfully provided us with this very helpful tutorial video to guide you on how to use the Hover Hand tool.

Enjoy ;)

Watch the Video

Thanks to for the find!


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  1. Ankit Singh

    This is the admirable feature of the windows which has many of the advantage like easy connecting,quick response work,reduce the complexity and many mare new options which you can get easily here.

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  2. Lanna

    I laugh until I cry every time I see one of these CollegeHumor photoshop “tutorials”, but deep inside I get kinda desperate knowing that there will be people who believe in this D:

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  3. PhotoPcola

    I laughed! It was cute. Come on, it’s a 3 minute video. Don’t take life so seriously!

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  4. anon

    I normally appreciate your articles but this is just a waste of time. Am I the only one who doesn’t find this entertaining nor useful?

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