Vanessa Lawson and Josh Morden began their engagement portrait session like many other couples in love – smiling and holding hands in a field. Surrounded by autumn leaves and trees, the couple happily lay in the grass as their photographer, Brandon Gray, took numerous shots of them in the woods near their Toronto home.

001_Gray_Josh and Van Engagement 007_Gray_Josh and Van Engagement 021_Gray_Josh and Van Engagement

Things were going well, until the hockey mask wearing lunatic with a big machete attacks them…

024_Gray_Josh and Van Engagement027_Gray_Josh and Van EngagementInspired by the current zombie themed engagement session trend, Vanessa and Josh wanted to show their love of horror movies by re-creating scenes reminiscent to the horror movie, Friday the 13th.

We knew exactly how we wanted to die. We definitely wanted the shot of the killer standing in the woods staring at us as we held hands.

And thus, the idea for their bloody engagement session, “Till Death Do Us Part,” was hatched.

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Check out the photos from their demise below:

029_Gray_Josh and Van Engagement 030_Gray_Josh and Van Engagement 031_Gray_Josh and Van Engagement 032_Gray_Josh and Van Engagement 034_Gray_Josh and Van Engagement 036_Gray_Josh and Van Engagement 037_Gray_Josh and Van Engagement

What do you think about this new bloody trend in engagement photography? Creative or over the top? And which is better Рfending off a hungry zombie with your fiancé or being slaughtered in the woods by Jason Voorhees?

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