In an industry that is rapidly becoming obsolete due to the digital age, newspapers are forced to make drastic cuts. Photographers have been hit extremely hard by this. Earlier this year, the Chicago Sun Times, laid off it’s entire photography staff, training their reporters to shoot photos with their iPhones and using freelance photographers.

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A French newspaper, Libération, showed it’s support for the importance and power of photography in the newspaper industry by publishing it’s November 14th issue sans photographs. The issue has it’s usual design, but the words surround empty spaces where the photos should have been. This coincides with the opening of the Paris Photo Photography Fair. On the front paper, this statement explains to readers the reasoning,

Libération vows an eternal gratitude to photography, whether produced by photojournalists, fashion photographers, portraitists, or conceptual artists.

[We are] giving photography the homage it deserves. Yet, no one can ignore the calamitous situation press photographers now find themselves in, especially war photographers who risk their lives while barely making a living.

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[Images and article via @British Journal of Photography]

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