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A Slow Motion Look at a B&W New York City Using the Freefly MIMIC

By Hanssie on April 18th 2015

moments-nycOne of the items that generated quite a large buzz at the NAB show this past week was the Freefly MIMIC. Chase Jarvis was one of the lucky ones that had a chance to play with it before it was announced (read about it in this article) as well as Tim Sessler and his Brooklyn Aerials team who put together this beautiful, slow motion, black and white video of New York City.

New York City is anything but slow. Its fast-paced rush of people; sounds and colors bombard you as soon as you step into the city. Horns honking, cars whooshing by and people whirling around you, the energy of the city has only one speed – fast. In the film, Moments, Tim Sessler, and Cameron Michael take to the streets of NYC to slow down and capture the essence of the Big Apple.


The team was able to get their hands on a prototype of the newest and widely anticipated controller for theMoVI stabilizer. The Freefly MIMIC allowed the film crew to film in a “street photography” style as you can see in the video above.  The video was shot over a three-day period, with a small 2-3 person crew using a RED Epic Dragon with a 50mm KOWA Prominar and stabilized with the MōVI M15. You can read a few more details over on the Brooklyn Aerials blog here.

As for what it’s like to use the new MIMIC? Tim Sessler states,

It brings me back to what I was missing before: the human feel, the option for imperfection and a beautiful sense of floating that “mimics” great handheld work.

Watch the behind the scenes video of the making of Moments in the video below:

[Tim Sessler/Sploid]

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