Freefly, the company behind the amazing Movi stabilizer, has announced that the rumored “smaller movie” is a reality. The smaller Movi M5 is designed specifically to be used with DSLR sized cameras such as the Canon 5D Mark II/III, Panasonic GH2/3, Nikon D800, and Sony A99.


The Movi M5 has been optimized for use with DSLRs but still uses that same amazing technology that is used on the original Movi M10. The compact form factor and lightweight nature of the MOVI M5 allows camera movement that would be impossible in the past. With the release of the MOVI M5, Freefly aims to bring big budget camera moves to a wider range of productions.

Freefly has stated that the MOVI M5 will be shipped during the 4qtr (October – December) of 2013 and will retail for $4,995. That is $10,000 cheaper than the MOVI M10, and much more within the budget of DSLR shooters. If you want to jump in the train early, you can pre-order the MOVI M5 from Freefly for a $500 deposit through their website. You can find more details about the MOVI M5 on the product page.

My Take

This is huge news for lower budget DSLR video shooters. If we are being honest no DSLR shooter was going to spend $15,000 on the M10, it is simply too much money for most production outfits using DSLRs as their primary cameras. The M5 however, even though 5K is still rather expensive, is much more attainable for smaller production outfits. The cost is must easier to justify.

In case you need a refresher on what a MOVI stabilizer can do for your footage here is a refresher video…

What are your thoughts? Is this a viable option for DSLR shooters? Are you going to Pre-order? Let us know in a comment below.  

 [via Freefly Press Release]