Important: This theme is no longer available.

We are excited to bring you our newest WordPress Photography Theme!

Around 5 years ago, we launched our first WordPress theme for photographers, which was downloaded thousands of times. Since then, much has changed.  HTML5 was introduced and the world moved towards responsive design.  Flash became obsolete and web design moved towards minimalism.  So an update was overdue!

After a full year of development, we finally finished it. Oh yeah, and it’s still FREE!!! (for a limited time) Here are the main features of the our newest theme.

Responsive Design

Whether you’re on an Desktop, Tablet or Phone, your Website will look great. Use our responsive, mobile-friendly theme!


Live Visual Editing

Our WordPress theme for photographers features a live view of your edits. This allows you see all of the changes you make without having to reload another page.


Advanced Customization

Choose from 7 different Blog Layouts, 2 Different Portfolio Layouts and Many More Options
Control All Background Colors, Fonts and Other Embellishments
Optional Slideshow Mastheads
SEO Optimized with SEO tutorials (coming soon)
Various Footer Widgets for Featured Posts and More
Social Media Sharing Options for Increased Exposure
Area for Custom Javascript and CSS