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Free WordPress Photography Theme by SLR Lounge

By Christopher Lin on March 10th 2015

Important: While this theme will still function as intended, it is no longer supported.

We are excited to bring you our newest WordPress Photography Theme!

Around 5 years ago, we launched our first WordPress theme for photographers, which was downloaded thousands of times. Since then, much has changed.  HTML5 was introduced and the world moved towards responsive design.  Flash became obsolete and web design moved towards minimalism.  So an update was overdue!

After a full year of development, we finally finished it. Oh yeah, and it’s still FREE!!! (for a limited time) Here are the main features of the our newest theme.

Responsive Design

Whether you’re on an Desktop, Tablet or Phone, your Website will look great. Use our responsive, mobile-friendly theme!


Live Visual Editing

Our WordPress theme for photographers features a live view of your edits. This allows you see all of the changes you make without having to reload another page.



Download: Download Here

Advanced Customization

Choose from 7 different Blog Layouts, 2 Different Portfolio Layouts and Many More Options
Control All Background Colors, Fonts and Other Embellishments
Optional Slideshow Mastheads
SEO Optimized with SEO tutorials (coming soon)
Various Footer Widgets for Featured Posts and More
Social Media Sharing Options for Increased Exposure
Area for Custom Javascript and CSS

Download Here

To download, click Here or sign up for our newsletter here! The download, along with other free downloads, is located on the final “Thank You” Page.

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, however, this does not impact accuracy or integrity of our content.

Co-Founder of SLR Lounge and Photographer with Lin and Jirsa Photography, I’m based in Southern California but you can find me traveling the world. Click here to connect on Google +

Q&A Discussions

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  1. Boris Soliz

    I cant seem to download the wordpress theme anymore. Any idea or help please??

    | |
  2. Tony Walker

    404 error as well

    | |
  3. Brad Ferris

    I can’t get the download to work. I go to the free cart page and then get  a 404 error 

    | |
  4. Laura Cosor

    hi, I cannot manage to download it. I subscribed already to newsletter. The only thing i see is a page with a ‘checkout’ button

    | |
  5. Justin Abe

    I love the theme thank you for providing such a professional theme free and with no watermarkings. I am having trouble though, my plugins with shortcodes aren’t working. Specifically my contact plugin. The shortcodes don’t seem to be recognized in the theme and it just shows the shortcode text instead of loading the plugin on the page. Is there a support place?

    | |
  6. Roberto Duran

    It is a good theme.. but needs more documentation. With a good documentation and some forum support this could be a great tool for photographers.

    | |
  7. teca barcelona

    Hi guys,… First at all I want to thank you for this awesome theme is really helpful and intuitive.
    I need a little of your support with two things that I don’t know how to do.
    a- I want to display on my index (home page) the list of projects, as on this example that you provide
    How do I configure it?
    b. I can’t setup the contact us form, I mean the form was created but i can’t set an receiver email.

    Thanks in advance

    | |
  8. Justresponsive Justresponsive


    Thank you for sharing this tidings about morden photography wordpress themes.I thank you author for sharing here such well and very useful photography themes including here.I believe that this wordPress themes are some of the best available and clients, present and future,are going to love them. On the other hand, we know that the role of plugins for making a website is very effectively and necessary.Thanks a lot ….

    | |
  9. Alex Petrenko

    Your SEO guy is genius!

    | |
  10. malcolm kenworthy

    Is it possible to remove the Search option on the main menu bar? How would I go about doing this?

    | |
  11. Lisa Spencer

    What a lovely theme! Is this still available for download/purchase? I’m already subscribed to the newsletter so can’t get to the downloads page that way.

    | |
  12. Richard Bremer

    Great theme, love it! Is it possible to disable the search menu item in the header menu or to move it? I want my contact page to be the last option.

    | |
  13. Maricel Quesada Jara

    This is great, thank you! Is it possible to set up the portfolio individual page to use the grid layout (pin full) instead of the carousel?

    | |
  14. Edwin Glenn

    please just registered here. may i have the download link?

    | |
  15. Noel Mockford

    Thank you so much Chris

    | |
  16. Khalid Alvi


    | |
  17. gillianf

    Does anybody know how to make the 404 page display correctly? Or where to go for support? TIA!

    | |
  18. Erin Smith

    Love this theme! I spent today upgrading my website from v2, installing and customising. Thanks for helping me look good SLR Lounge ;-)
    I’d like to hide tags on posts – is there an option hiding somewhere for that?

    | |
  19. Tony Chicas

    I downloaded the theme but how do I install it? i didnt get any instruction. Please help.

    | |
  20. Alex Novy

    does it work with WordPress 4?

    | |
  21. Mathieu F

    I was setting up my first WordPress photography website, this will definitely be useful. Thanks a bunch

    | |
  22. Larry Sandez

    Is anyone having trouble using the Portfolio mode for the front page?

    My specific problem is when I make the individual Projects, there is no option to add a “Featured Image” so the Portfolio template I made just has blank squares with the project names in it. I followed Chris’s directions I found on another post on how to make the Portfolio template the Home page….

    | |
  23. Linda Borrego

    Thanks. That’s awesome.

    | |
  24. satnam singh


    | |
  25. Robert T

    Nice! Thanks!

    | |
  26. Francisco Hernandez

    Beautiful layout.

    | |
  27. Graham Curran

    Good stuff.

    | |
  28. Behailu Gebremicael

    Thanks Chris

    | |