What better way to grow your business than to learn from pros that went through the struggles and hardships that come with entrepreneurship so you don’t have to?

There is no greater resource as a photographer than experience-enriched education, and Ultimate-bundles.com is hosting a week full of educational experiences hosted by some of the industry’s greatest mentors starting today up until February 21st! Webinar topics range from business acumen to lighting & editing to increase efficiency and create raving clients – see the entire list here!

  • Topic: 5 Steps to Bigger Sales with Zach & Jody Gray
  • When: February 16 at 7PM CST
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Responsible for instructing over 1,200 photographers through their IN-CAMERA workshops, Zach & Jody Gray will give you a simple step by step framework to easily make an extra 10k this year. They will teach you how to sell without being “salesy”, properly price your photography in your market, and how to get your clients to spend double, and thank you for it!

  • Topic: See Like an Artist with Jeremy Cowart
  • When: February 21 at 11AM CST
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Learn the key, fundamental secrets of composition to help their photos look better and stand out. Celebrity Photographer, Jeremy Cowart, tells you exactly how to spot and capture the best moments in the most challenging situations and when to follow the rules of photography (and when to break them), so you can begin to take better photos immediately.

These webinars are available from today until February 21st on Ultimate-Bundles.com, here is the entire list: