Street photography can be one of the most challenging and intimidating types of photography you can do. I’ve tried several times, and while I loved each adventure, I’m still not happy with what I’ve been able to capture on my outings, which is why I think this video from Nick Turpin is so important and great for anyone thinking of trying Street Photography to watch.

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Street photography requires you to think quickly, literally on your feet, and have a keen eye for and attention to detail. Most of us who shoot portraits and weddings are used to things be a certain way, often laid out for us by the venues, planners, or creative directors, so jumping into the chaos of Street Photography can leave one quite bewildered. Don’t worry though, as a lot of the skills we’ve gained over the years shooting these things can translate over to street work, and this is where this video commissioned by The City of London,( @visithecity ), comes in.

Free Street Photography Master Class with Nick Turpin SLR Lounge

Renown street photographer Nik Turpin has released this masterclass to help you navigate all the complexities and nuances of street photography, covering the basics of the craft all the way up to some more advanced techniques you can keep in your back pocket while out on your next adventure.

Nick talks you through each and everything he does in such a conversational way, it almost feels like you’re standing there with him. Especially since there’s a big portion of him explaining what he’s doing while he’s actually shooting, explaining each step detail by detail along the way, along with the final image. Regardless of your photography level of expertise, there’s something for everyone to take away with this 30-minute video, and if nothing else, you can see a plethora of fantastic street photography examples to get you inspired for the upcoming week!

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To see more of Nik’s work visit his various sites here;

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