Trevor and I filmed a free 90-minute piece of education in the MagMod Facebook Community teaching you some fun lighting techniques and concepts from Lighting 3. Click the image below to watch. You can also see a full video breakdown to skip to the techniques you want to learn.

Watch the Live Video To Learn MagMod Lighting Techniques

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Lighting Video Breakdown

In our 90 minute discussion, we broke down several images from our Lighting 3 course, designed to help you learn advanced off-camera flash techniques and multi-point lighting setups. Here are some significant time stamps in case you wanted to get straight to the techniques:

Two Light Stack – 7:44 – 21:46

For this shot, we used 2 Godox AD200’s firing through a MagBox with the FocusDiffuser as our key fill light and one speedlight placed closer to Seth with a MagSphere to really chisel his face out of the scene. An equivalent setup could be used with say a Profoto B10+ firing through the MagBox or any small beauty dish or softbox. See how we edited this composite in this video tutorial.

Multi-Point Lighting – 35:30 – 51:03

We use a similar stacking technique for this shot but add a secondary MagBox to camera right to add a rim light in order to help chisel out the bike from the background.

Three Light Setup for Stylized Portraits – 56:29 – 1:02:50

I wanted to create something dramatic since the sun was just overhead, so I stopped down to f/14 to create a starburst effect just at the top part of the frame. To match that effect we placed one Godox AD200 on either side of the camera just out of frame to create starbursts on the left and right side of the frame.

Shutter Drag Composite – 1:03:51 – 1:09:33

Final image for incorporating motion blur into flash photography

We actually used this image as a case study on Adorama TV where we discussed how to incorporate motion into your photography, You can watch the two-part series here:

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