We’ve all been there, you get contacted by a potential bride asking about your rates, maybe you chat a bit and make a good connection. But then, your potential bride stops responding or taking your calls; never a good sign. It probably means one or more of the following:

  • Your wedding photography services are out of the couple’s budget
  • Wedding photography isn’t really a priority for the couple
  • The couple is working with another photographer
  • The couple has a difficult time saying “no” and would rather avoid the situation
  • The couple wasn’t the final decision maker and booking their date was never identified as a priority with the actual decision maker (perhaps their parents).


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So, What Should You Do Now?

1. First, Ask ‘Why?’

Instead of automatically jumping to a conclusion and trying to find out whether the booking is live or dead, it doesn’t hurt to treat this as a learning opportunity and encourage the couple. If the wedding was lost from the start, then try to find out why. This will make you better in the future, and hopefully stop avoidable mistakes.

2. Be Persistent, But Don’t Pester

At the conclusion of every correspondence, think about what needs to happen next and schedule this event with the bride or couple. For example, make only scheduled calls, instead of just calling out of the blue. Nowadays, people don’t like answering the phone, so be predictable and give yourself a better chance to win the booking.


3. Alleviate Their Guilt

If you’ve left multiple messages for your perspective couple, they could feel guilty for not responding. Ironically, when people feel guilty, they will continue to avoid you. To end this cycle, you need to empathize with them and let them know that are no hard feelings. The sincerity will be appreciated, and who knows, you might even end up booking the wedding.

4. Change the Way You Make Contact

If a bride hasn’t responded to an email you sent within five business days, call to ask them if they received it. Likewise, if they haven’t responded to a phone call, send them an email. Everyone has their own preference as to which way they like to communicate. Experiment, and make a note about each client.

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Using these tactics can help turn discouraging lost sales into learning experiences, or better yet, booked weddings!

Do you have a story about a lost wedding booking that you won back? Please share your experiences with us!

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