SLR Lounge is here at PhotoPlus 2014, and one of the companies that we had the pleasure to speak with today was Fotodiox Pro. They are here at the expo showing their new Flap Jack LED Lights, we covered back when they were announced a little while back.


In case you did not see the lights when they were announced, the Flap Jack comes in four different styles, is 10%-100% Power Dimmable, and runs at a 5500K Color Temp. These will be great lights to go in places you may not be able to  put a full-sized LED panel, and the light has a nice soft glow.

Fotodiox Flap Jack Features

  • Two circular models: the C-200R (7” diameter) and the C-300R (10” diameter)
  • Two rectangular models: the C-200S (8″ x 5″) and the C-200L (11″ x 4 1/4″)
  • Feature edge-mounted LEDs and layers of built-in diffusion to produce soft, even lighting with no hotspots
  • Fully dimmable, with no change in color temperature, from 10-100%
  • Thin, portable design makes each model only 1/2” deep at thinnest point
  • Run on either AC power or a NP-F style rechargeable battery (both are included in each kit)
  • Contain a backlit LCD indicator that displays both light level and battery life status
  • C-200 lights come with ballhead mounting bracket for Light stand or accessory shoe mounting
  • C-300 lights come with mounting yoke for Light stand
  • Each light comes with a custom fitted hard case and is backed by Fotodiox’s 2-year warranty


Flap Jack Halloween Special

Fotodiox also let us in on a great special on these new Flap Jack lights running through the weekend. If you are interested, you can get your hands on any of the 4 Flap Jack variations for 18% off from now through November 2nd.

You can get all of the details and ordering information over on the Fotodiox website, use the code “FJOL18” at checkout for 18% off. I would also be remiss if I did not give a shout out to B&H, who was kind enough to sponsor our coverage of Photo Plus.