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Flashpoint TTL Speedlights Now Available For Pre-Order For Fuji And Olympus

By Holly Roa on April 12th 2017

Just last week we reported a workaround for Fuji shooters to use Godox/Flashpoint strobes with TTL and HSS and today we’ve got something tangible to show that Fuji is in fact, as has been floating around the rumor mill for some time, to be supported natively by Godox.

In an exciting turn of events, it’s been discovered that Adorama now has the Flashpoint Zoom-Mini TTL R2 Flash With Integrated R2 Radio Transceiver for Fuji available for preorder. It’s here, it’s real, and you can buy it now.

Fuji isn’t the only smaller brand to taken into account by Godox – Olympus, is also newly supported in this release with a model of their own. This can only be a sign of more to come from Godox for Fuji and Olympus users, however, there is not yet a dedicated R2 TTL transmitter on site for either brand. Given the availability of this speedlight, one would assume that they will be coming soon.


It’s great to see popular brands starting to show more support to competitors of the Big Two and the Little One (that would be Sony – but they’re gaining ground on Canon and Nikon daily.) Now that the duopoly has been shattered, and Canon and Nikon have apparently been living in the past with their mirrorless offerings, brands producing capable mirrorless cameras are taking up larger portions of the market and can no longer be ignored by accessory manufacturers.

via Fuji Rumors

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  1. Richard Smith

    Whats really nice is whats to follow.  The Full Godox ecosystem is rather nice, offering small flashes like the TT350, really compact medium strobes (like the new AD200 and excelent AD360), and full 600/1200ws strobes.  Oh, and Panasonic will be compatible as well. 

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  2. Lenzy Ruffin

    Man, this is great news! I was hoping Fuji would be popular enough for someone to create a $100 TTL flash for it. Shooting off-camera in manual with my Yongnuo triggers works great, but for on-camera stuff, particularly bouncing off walls, etc, I need TTL. I can’t get my hands on a couple of these strobes soon enough. 

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    • Darren Yau

      Lenzy I’m currently using the Nissin i60A with the Air Commander remote trigger on my XT-2. Been having wireless TTL for the past month and it works great!

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