Tamron’s 150-600mm F/5-6.3 that was recently announced doesn’t have an official price or release date yet, but some sample pictures shot with the new lens appeared online recently. The shots are not full res, so it can not be used to tell exactly how good this lens performs, but these web res images look to be sharp and of high quality.

These images, which first appeared on the Korean site naver.com, were shot with the Canon 5D Mark III at Yellowstone National Park. If I am being honest I was surprised to see such good results coming from a lens with such a long zoom range. Lenses like this have traditionally suffered from bad distortion, or ended up really soft at certain focal lengths. This lens appears to handle those issues really well.  Take a look for yourself below:


Artists Paintpots, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

158 mm 1/60th  f /16 ISO 400 


Bison backlit behind screen of leaves, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
329 mm 1/160th f /5.6 ISO 400 


Bison walking through frosty field, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
600 mm 1/200th f /9.0 ISO 800


Frosted bison portrait, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
600 mm 1/100th f /9.0 ISO 800


Grizzly bear walking past reflections in river, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
483 mm 1/320 f / 6.3 ISO 800


Tundra swan stretching wings, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
600 mm 1/640 f / 9.0 ISO 800

So what do you guys think? Obviously a full review of full res images is needed to formulate a full opinion, but what are your thoughts based on these images? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

[via Naver]