Well that sure didn’t take long did it? It was just days ago that we talked about the Magic Lantern announcement that they had probably found what they needed to get RAW video working on the Canon 7D. Now, we have come across three separate examples of this new RAW video capability in use.

Now before we share the video with you we feel the need to remind you that this is still in its infancy, the footage you see below is very short because they have only been able to get that far. In other words we are still quite a ways off from shooting actual projects with this feature, but the base is there and is working.

So without further adeu, here is the first footage available shot RAW on the Canon 7D.

As you can see it still has a ways to go, some of the footage is glitchy and the moire is pretty bad in some cases… but it is a definite improvement over the H.264 footage coming from the camera.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in a comment below.

[via Planet 5D]