One of the biggest camera announcements out of NAB 2013 so far has got to be the latest Phantom Flex4k camera. This baby can shoot at 4K up to 1000fps, if you shoot 4k and want slow motion then this is your camera!


Depending on the configuration that you get this camera will run you between $109,000 and $164,000. What an amazing piece of gear. The camera isn’t limited to 1000fps either, if you set the camera to record at 1080HD then you can get up to 2000 fps and at 720pHD over 3000fps. That is just insane, I am having hard time fathoming even needing that many frames per second for anything. That said, I am sure that some of you slow motion junkies out there are drooling over this camera.

Checkout this great preview video from Jared Abrams on YouTube. In the video Jared talks with Mitch Gross at Abel Cine Tech about the new Flex4K camera and its specifications and abilities. Is it just me or is this a really pretty camera? <drool>

Oh, and check out this awesome demo footage!