Leica is set to announce the SL2 any day now, but in traditional “internetfashion, the specs and some images for the successor to the Leica SL mirrorless camera have leaked online, and it’s codename is “Vader!”

First reported by Nokishita on Twitter, (see below), the translation reads as follows;

Leica ‘2998’ registered with the certification body was confirmed with the new Leica SL.

This new SL2 will reportedly have a 47MP CMOS sensor, a new “CINE” mode, and 4k Video, as well as the traditional WiFi / Bluetooth connectivity we’re used to seeing on all recent Leica digital cameras. The official announcement and specs for this camera are expected later this month (September 2019), but Leica Rumors reports that this may be postponed to later in the fall.

Leica SL2 Rumor Leaked Image - camera front - SLR Lounge
Image from Nokishita
Leica SL2 Rumor Leaked Image - Camera Back - SLR Lounge
Image from Nokishita

For comparison, here’s some images of the front & back of the current SL camera system;

Leica SL Front - SLR Lounge
Leica SL Camera Body Front
Leica SL Back - SLR Lounge
Official Leica SL Back

As of yet, we’ve got no additional information about specs or pricing, but we imagine this will be a nice upgrade for the existing Leica SL users looking to improve their deliverables. You can tell that there are some subtle, but clearly different designs in this camera body, so i’m very intrigued to see what’s officially going to be offered on the system specs. Anyway, what do you guys think? Any speculation on what the price point will be? Additional features you think may pop up in the official announcement? Any wishlists (besides the obvious “make it cheaper” comments)? Let us know in the comments below!

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*Via Leica Rumors, Nokishita, & CanonWatch