We told you a little while back about how Sony was developing a new curved imaging sensor. Well, it appears that the new sensor is far enough along that they can get images off of it, as the first ever published image from the sensor hit the web today.


According to the Japanese site Nikkei, the new sensor has no vignetting or aberration in the corners, and was developed to mimic the human eye. Some more interesting tidbits include:

  • The Mass Production process is already complete
  • The FF version of the sensor is not as high resolution as Sony’s standard Full frame sensors.
  • The curved pattern on the silicon changed the electrical properties allowing for lower noise.

The one key sticking point for the curved sensor tech is the fact that it is incredibly hard to develop zoom lenses for it. This makes sense, there are a lot of parts to making a zoom lens work, and getting the image to fall onto the sensor the right way throughout an entire zoom range is not as easy as it sounds.

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Regardless, the rumors are that this tech could be coming to consumers as soon as this summer in the form of a new RX FF camera. We shall see if that is what happens, but whether it comes soon or not, this tech is really interesting.


What are your thoughts on this new sensor tech? How do you think the published image turned out? Leave a comment below.

[via Sony Alpha Rumors, Image via Sony]