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First Images Of The Samsung NX1 Leak Online (Updated Specs Too)

By Anthony Thurston on September 13th 2014

We told you a while back about the rumors regarding the Samsung NX1, their flagship mirrorless camera designed to be for professionals, and its expected Photokina announcement.


Well, heading into the weekend, the first images and an updated batch of specs leaked online ahead of the expected Monday announcement by Samsung. I have to say, I am liking what I see, from both the images and the specs. It will be interesting to see how the actual specs match up to these updated ones, because if these leaked specs are legit, then this could be a camera that makes a big splash.

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Samsung-NX1-mirrorless-camera-LCD-screen Samsung-NX1-mirrorless-camera-top

Samsung NX1 Rumored Specs

  • 28.2 effective megapixels
  • 23.5 x 15.7mm CMOS Sensor
  • 3-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen tilting LCD screen with 1,036k dots
  • XGA EVF (OLED) with eye contact sensor
  • 15 fps with tracking
  • Magnesium alloy, weather-sealed body
  • Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity
  • 4K video recording capabilities

Pretty impressive specs, right? Nikon underwhelmed us with the D750 , though I admit, is still a very attractive camera. Canon’s 7D Mark II specs, the leaked ones, appear to be fairly disappointing as well – though, still a very attractive upgrade for current Canon 7D owners. The door is wide open for Samsung, or any other surprise camera announcements to be the product that everyone will be talking about from Photokina.

The biggest problem for Samsung, in terms of people buying the NX1, is the lack of pro level lenses. So, it will be interesting to see if they announce any pro level lenses with the NX1 on Monday.


What are your thoughts about these Samsung NX1 images, or the updated rumored specs? Do you think Samsung has what it takes to make it in the pro photography market? Leave a comment below!

[via Photo Rumors]

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  1. Greg Faulkner

    Did Apple bring out a camera for them to copy or something? Lol

    | |
  2. Steinar Knai

    I am convinced that Samsung will succeed in breaking through the professional camera market. Look at the way they have invested long term, starting with smaller cameras with high quality and gradually improving the product. This is the way they have become the worlds leading smartphone manufacturer. If you don’t think they have pro grade lenses, check out their 85mm f 1.4 prime lense. They will deliver on the promise. They are way bigger than Nikon and they are making money. Like Fuji, they have a long term strategy that they follow and deliver on.

    | |
    • Mark Iuzzolino

      Actually Apple still remains the leading smart phone manufacturer. Samsung is a close second. However, the android operating OS is the leading operating system. And I think I will check out the 85mm f 1.4 prime “lens.”

      | |
  3. Dave Andrade

    “The biggest problem for Samsung, in terms of people buying the NX1, is the lack of pro level lenses.” – this is exactly it. People will Nikon or Canon lenses, I would guess, would NOT want to start selling off all their gear just to get an entirely new system.

    | |
  4. della rossa

    very good cameras

    | |
  5. Paul Monaghan

    I don’t think I fancy the controls, the lay out will be similar for canon users as the control dials are in a similar place but having the iso and af buttons on the top left of the camera? That seems a little odd.

    Lovely specs though and I feel samsung is pretty underrated, they have some attractive lens and reasonable prices and as for pro lens they already have the 16-50 f2-f2.8

    | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      Yeah Paul, the 16-50mm is a good start, but one pro lens in their system is not going to be enough to attract pros already invested in other systems. (at least not attract them into a straight up switch)

      | |
    • Paul Monaghan

      Very true.. a 50-140mm f2.8 would help too but they already have a few nice primes like the 85mm f1.4

      I was just trying to point out that the 16-50 is a good start and I rather like its f2 at the wide end.

      | |
    • Steinar Knai

      Very true and you can be sure that Samsung will deliver pro grade lenses with this body. They have kept every promise so far, if you look at their product development, and they make all the components themselves, including the sensor. They have the resources to deliver. I believe more in them than in CanIkon combined. The only other company that comes close is Fuji.

      | |
    • Steinar Knai

      If they can deliver on the specs published here, the camera will sell. Who cares where the buttons are? You can change the way you operate a camera. How long did it take to adapt to a smartphone? And they would only be the second mirrorless camera with an APS-C sensor and pro grade specs, the other being Fuji with the XT1.

      | |
  6. Mark Iuzzolino

    I wish all DSLRs had articulating screens.

    | |