We have heard it was coming, and now images of the EOS M3 are leaking online, almost assuring the rumored announcement coming up on Friday.


The most obvious difference between the M3 and the M/M2 is the addition of a grip, and more dials. It doesn’t appear to include an EVF, which would collaborate what the rumors have been saying. That said, it’s possible that the M3 has a pop-up EVF like the Sony RX100 Mk III, though that is more than likely a pop-up flash. It also seems to be a bit bigger than the original M design, but that is hard to judge from product photos.

It definitely looks like a step in the right direction, from a design standpoint, but the specs will be the real indicator. In my opinion, the M3 needs to have the dual pixel technology AND the same sensor as the Canon 7D MkII; at the VERY least, it needs to have the Canon 70D sensor, but to me that would not be a good move.

I am still VERY interested in getting my hands on this guy, and comparing it to my original EOS M and my new X-T1.

What are your thoughts on the look of the next EOS M? Do you think Canon can make up at least  some of the ground that they have to gain to catch Sony/Fuji with this release? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

[via Canon Watch]