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First Image of Sony’s Soon to Be Announced A5100, Slimmed Down A6000

By Anthony Thurston on August 17th 2014

It seems that Sony may be the first of the big manufacturers to make their Photokina announcements. According to Sony Alpha Rumors, the Sony a5100 is expected to be announced on the 19th (in two days) and will be the first in a line of announcements leading up to Photokina.

The first images of the a5100 have leaked online ahead of that announcement. All we have is a front view, so we can’t see much about layout and what not, but overall, I think it looks pretty nice. Though, I also think it looks just about like any of their older NEX models, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


Just as a refresher, here are the latest rumored specs for this new a5100 camera. I think you will agree, it is essentially a Sony A6000 without the viewfinder…

[REWIND: First Image of The Olympus E-PL7]

Rumored Sony a5100 Specs

  • 24,3 MP APS-C sensor
  • Full HD, XAVC-S, AVCHD and MP4 video recording
  • Max bit rate is 50MPs in XAVC-S
  • Hybrid AF (same as A6000) with 179 AF points (25 of them are contrast AF points)
  • 3 inch and 920.000 dot Touch LCD. 180 degree tiltable
  • 1/4000-30 sec shutter. 1/60 syncro. Electronic front curtain shutter
  • ISO 100-25,600
  • Flash
  • Wifi NFC
  • APP support
  • 6fps
  • SD card
  • The battery is the NP-FW50. 400 shoots autonomy
  • The size is 109.6mm x 62.8mm x35.7mm
  • 224 g Weight (body only)


So what are your thoughts on the appearance or specs for this new a5100? Will this be a nice option for those who want A6000 performance, but don’t need the EVF or price? Leave a comment below!

[via Sony Alpha Rumors]



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  1. Mac MacDonald

    This may be too small. I’d have to hold one to know for sure. But for shooters with smaller hands a high quality, slimmed down, option surely will be appreciated.

    | |
  2. Austin Swenson

    I hope this camera does better in the market compared to the a5000… I haven’t heard about too many people even talking about it let alone using it,, but right now, the a5000 is 500 bucks and includes that silly 18-55 kit lens to start you out, but if they were to sell the body alone I am guessing it would be about 350 bucks… I think it would be a good starter camera for sure to kind of get a taste for photography and then move up later.

    | |
    • Phil Bautista

      Wouldn’t a used NEX-7 be a better camera? I’m not commenting on the IQ but this camera looks more like a point and shoot than an enthusiasts camera. Just wonderin how to make adjustments in M, A or S.

      | |
    • Austin Swenson

      Yeah for sure, I played with some of the lower end NEX cameras and the new a5000 and a6000 and I have to say that the usability goes down for me with fewer dials and things… If I wanted a higher end camera but a lower budget, I might go for the NEX-6 right now, it’s a good camera that won’t have the expensive aftertaste on the market like the NEX-7 will, and it will have a lot of great functionality for the beginner that they can grow into… I do have to say though, I prefer the layout and the design of the NEX-5T over the a5000 though, it has more dials, feels more solid in the hand, and it doesn’t have a pesky power lever that gets in the way like the a5000 does.

      | |
  3. Matthew Saville

    Having held and used the A6000, I gotta ask, how much lighter and smaller do you want a camera to be? Not much, really. I guess the only thing you can do is cut out a few features, and drop the price a bit. Which is what this camera will probably be… Oh well I’ll still save up for an A6000 kit…

    | |
  4. Rafael Steffen

    Very interesting and nice câmera for trips!

    | |