In the world of image leaks of rumored or upcoming products, it is usually a pretty big hit or miss in the legitimacy department. But sometimes, like is the case today, you get a leak that appears to be legitimate, but feels so wrong.


The image you see above is supposedly the new/upcoming Ricoh GR II, and as you can see, it appears to be identical to the GR – with only a minor change to the hot shoe area. Same lens, same overall design, you wouldn’t be alone to take a look at this image and think you were looking at an original GR.

That is what makes this ‘leak’ so interesting. New/updated cameras generally don’t look  the same to the camera they are replacing. I mean, this one does not even say GR II on it.


But when you consider the source, digicame-info, you can’t help but be pretty sure this leak is legitimate. Digicame is regularly one of the first websites to have specs and images of upcoming camera/lens releases, and they are rarely wrong. So this pretty much assures that this is, in fact, the GR II.

What are your thoughts on this? Should Ricoh have updated the design or even the lens more than they did? Share your thoughts in a comment below!

[via Photo Rumors]