{Warning: The following images depict nude bodies and may not be safe for work}

The human form is an interesting array of curves and ridges, fluidity and aesthetics. A muse of many of artists throughout the centuries, the nude form has been portrayed in many ways, in all mediums of art and photography.

21 year old Berlin-based photographer, Evelyn Bencicova arranges her fine art nudes in abstract compositions of faceless bodies interlaced like puzzle pieces. The sensuality of the human form is starkly contrasted against muted-hued, cold, sterile environment in which the bodies are arranged. The series is titled, “Ecco Homo,” which is a common theme in Western Art. Latin for ‘Behold the man,’ a phrase Pontius Pilate used when he turns Jesus to the angered crowds, many contemporary artists explore this theme of suffering and mortality in their work.


Bencicova contorts the bodies in and around her scenes, which were carefully chosen for their clinical settings where there is a feeling that ‘something happened, but nobody knows what exactly.” The heads are mostly hidden, adding an anonymity to each body and photograph, which allows the viewer to more easily draw their own interpretations of the images.

Each scene is designed to be hauntingly impersonal and strangely bizarre, the background reminiscent of a psychiatric hospital with untold stories and hidden secret experiments behind closed doors. The cold, interlocked bodies, a sculptural monument in an unemotional museum.

For Bencicova, the series is about exploring humans within a society, human vulnerability and society’s character within the world.

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