So you have decided that you want to venture into the world of analog photography, and you may have already narrowed down the camera and the format you want to shoot, but choosing a film stock is like choosing which Netflix series you want to start first; you will eventually want to try them all. Vincent Moschetti of One Year with Film Only has developed a fun little BuzzFeed-like quiz, adeptly named Film Dating, that will help first-time film photographs find their ‘perfect’ stock.


Film Dating is less ‘swipe right’ and more multiple choice, with users picking five images they find aesthetically pleasing in order to narrow down which qualities you are looking for in a film stock. Moschetti gives some pointers on how to use the app:

“To get the best results, it’s important that you don’t eliminate an image because the composition or subject don’t please you for example. Take an instant to look at the contrast, saturation, temperature etc…. Don’t rush it out and pay attention to the look and feel of each image.”

One thing to note when trying the quiz is that there is no such thing as the perfect film. Like most photographers venturing into film, I chose Kodak Tri-X and Porta 160 because they are the most popular, but I found out after a bit of trial and error that these stock were not for me. Give Film Dating a try here if you are looking to get into analog photography and don’t want to spend countless hours on Flickr looking for that “perfect” stock. If you are a seasoned film shooter check to see if your get your preferred stock and share you results in the comments.