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Your Favorite Movies Condensed Into 1 Minute Animated GIFs

By Anthony Thurston on November 11th 2013


In a somewhat bazaar twist on things, the community over at reddit (go figure) has come up with a way to get all the enjoyment out of watching your favorite movies without having to actually watch them run their course for 2+ hours. The solution you may ask? Condense the movie into its key scenes in a single 1 minute long animated GIF.

Yes, thats right. You read this correctly. A ONE MINUTE long animated GIF. As you can imagine these files are quite large, and some are better than others, but the effect is real. Ok, it may not quite be like watching the real thing, but it is a fun substitute when you are sitting at work with nothing to do…

Here are a few of my favorite movies from the selection available. The group itself has become private, but ask to join and you may get in. That said, the reddit group is not the only place to find things like this. Simply do a Google Search and you will likely find at least a few example to choose from. Copyright issues aside, I think this is pretty neat. But definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.


Aliens Full Movie Animated GIF


Avatar Full Movie GIF

What are your thoughts on this? Did you enjoy the GIFs? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

[via Sploid]

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  1. Jason Bo

    Would this be pretty much violating copyright, federal law and every other screen that pops up on a movie before it shows?

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