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A Few of Our Favorite Instagram Pages Lately: 10 Inspirational IG Pages for Photographers

By Amii & Andy Kauth on September 3rd 2016

Social media being what it is you can easily abuse it, use it, or all together forget about it. Of course, we’re going to advocate for its use because it’s a great business tool when used effectively, and despite having smaller social media followings ourselves, we do get fairly regular inquiries for our wedding photography business through the various social media platforms that we use.

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Business talk aside, we also love to use social media to interact with other photographers and simply look around for inspiration when we have the time. And that said, we thought we’d throw out some names and share a few of our favorite Instagrammers lately.

1. Art of the Second Shot

A directory-style Instagram feed that we love is courtesy of Art of the Second Shot. Look no further if you’re in need of some solid wedding photography inspiration. Started by SLR Lounge’s own Easton and Laura Reynolds of LuRey Photography, AOTSS posts images that are next-level creative and that will undoubtedly inspire good photographers to desire greatness.

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2. Fearless Photographers

Fearless Photographers is truly a directory of the best wedding photographers in the world, and their Instagram feed proves it. It’s littered with ah-mazing wedding photography. They regularly post their “Fearless Award”-winning images as well as “Fearless Photos of The Day.”

3. Cecilia Gallery

Cecilia makes legit camera straps, but they’re also really cool about supporting and featuring photographers. And while that makes sense since they sell camera gear, their feed is so much more than photographers wearing Cecilia’s straps or even Cecilia selling them. #CeciliaGallery has over 5,000 posts, and their IG feed is gorgeous!

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4. MagMod

If you haven’t checked out what photographers can create using MagMod products, you really should. MagMod makes magnetic flash modifier systems, and they’re tech wizards for sure. Their Instagram feed is so freakin’ great because it’s all images that actual photographers (just like you) have created using their modifiers. A quick search of #madewithmagmod will net you a whole load of inspiration as well. Btw, if you’re a Premium Member you can get $10 off your MagMod orders. Check out the Partner Page for more details on that!

5. Prism Photography

We heart our prisms, and Prism Photography is a small directory that has been steadily growing over the last year. It’s dedicated to unique photography that creates images using prisms. It’s a great place to find some beautiful images and also other photographers who are into “prisming.”

Getting ready #prismfeature ? @ryanhorban

A photo posted by PrismPhotography (@prismphotographs) on

6. Jeff Newsom

Jeff Newsom‘s photography hurts our brains, in an oh-so-good kinda way. He’s one of SLR Lounge’s Top 100 Best Wedding Photographers in the U.S. and Canada for 2016, and his Instagram feed is as magical as his images. Yep. Painfully magical. How. Does. He. Do. That?!

the upside down.

A photo posted by jeff newsom (@jeffnewsom) on

7. Crystal Stokes

Crystal Stokes is also one of SLR Lounge’s Top 100 Best Wedding Photographers in the U.S. and Canada for 2016, and her Instagram feed is definitely one of our favorites. She is so, so good at capturing the best moments of a wedding day, and she’s a super rad human too!

All part of the story….#writingvows #jumpingonthebed #sigma #sigmaart24

A photo posted by Crystal Stokes Photographer (@crystalstokesphotography) on

8. Quem Casa Quer Fotos

We were stoked to happen onto Quem Casa Quer Fotos‘ Instagram page just the other week. Luis Efigénio and Isabel Rego are wedding photographers based out of Portugal and have some mad skills. Enough said. Go take a look!

Nicole + Oliv | 2/6 #momentsthatmatter #col3ctivo #6framestory

A photo posted by Quem Casa Quer Fotos (@quemcasaquerfotos) on

9. Pedro Vilela

Pedro Vilela is also a photographer from Portugual. Amii speaks Portuguese  if you were wondering about why we have two-in-a-row from Portugal. Anyway, he’s a wedding photographer, and he has over 2,000 posts. We were seriously looking at his Instagram page for at least 30 minutes the other week. Check him out; he’s very good!

#triberedleaf #portugal #storylicious #destinationwedding #gradil #familylove

A photo posted by Pedro Vilela (@pedrvilela) on

10. Jason Lee

We’ve known about Jason Lee since way back in our junior high days because Andy’s younger brother so loved his Jason Lee signature Airwalks. Of course, Jason Lee is a heck of a skateboarder, and if you haven’t seen Mallrats you’re doing yourself a major disserivce. To date, we can’t think of a funnier move that we’ve seen in the theater, and that was back in 1995. We recently looked him up on Instagram and were pleasantly surprised to find that he’s a seriously amazing photographer. Who knew? Now, we love him even more!

ANd In Conclusion . . .

Who are some of your favorite IGers? Link them below. But let’s try to avoid the self promotion thing and not link your own accounts, okay?!

You can check out SLR Lounge’s Instagram feed here, and, as always, feel free to continue the conversation (by sharing your IG page on our “Instagram Follow Thread” over at Facebook, on our every-growing SLR Lounge Photography Community page.

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Amii & Andy are a wife and husband team of rad portrait and wedding photographers (Sunshine & Reign Photography) who absolutely love life and are generally just stoked! Yeah! When they aren’t photographing or writing and teaching about photography, you’ll find them off on a seriously legit adventure with their little ones, lifting weights in their garage, training jiu-jitsu, refining their archery skills, or surfing every chance they get. And on the rare chance they escape off on a “date night”? Yep! They’ll find a wedding to crash (true fact).

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  1. Hunter Cole

    Jason is for sure an inspiration. He also co-runs a rad insta dedicated to awesome film stuff @filmphotographic

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  2. sam tziotzios

    liked these so much, i actually broke down and created an instagram account. followed all of them!! thanks for the tip.

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  3. Juan David

    jdo_tetons on instagram :)

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