With Father’s Day around the corner, we thought we would highlight all the loving dads out there in this week’s feature challenge in our Master Weddings & Portraiture Facebook Group. We asked our incredible community of artists to send us their emotional captures of a Father’s love at weddings and portrait sessions and the sentimental stories and messages that they represent. If you are interested in getting featured in our next collaboration article, make sure you check out our free Facebook Groups for our weekly challenges.

Kesha Lambert – Website | Instagram

fathers day portraits“Bride, whose father passed away, carried this urn containing her father’s ashes with her on the wedding day. She had the urn and necklace made especially for the occasion. This was captured during bridal prep as the bride was wrapping the necklace around her palm.”

Rey Benasfre – Website | Instagram

fathers day“This is me and my daughter after a Marine Corps Daddy/Daughter Dance we had on base. To shoot this image I placed an AD200 with MagSphere to light us from the front camera left. I imagined a shot like this with a sunset but unfortunately, the sun didn’t set in that direction. So behind us (camera right), I placed a speedlight with a Full CTO MagGel to make it look like we were backlit by the sun so that I could add a sunset in post. I shot with a Sony A9 and 16-35GM on a tripod and had my wife hold the shutter button down at 10fps while we slowly walked toward the camera. Settings were 1/125 F/8 ISO 200.”

Marissa Joy Daly‎ – Website | Instagram

1 fathers day portraits“Right before the ceremony, the Bride and her family gather in an emotional prayer. The way the moment mimics the painting in the background gives the photograph an extra layer of depth and intimacy.”

Scott Josuweit – Website | Instagram

fathers day pictures

“Let’s be real. A lot of dads struggle with showing emotion, especially in front of large crowds. A private first look with your dad allows him to let his guard down and truly treasure that moment.”

Shivani Reddy – Website | Instagram

fathers day photos

“I am extremely close to my own father so I like to pay special attention to the dads during this ritual in an Indian wedding called a Vidaai. This small ritual follows a very long traditional wedding ceremony that already builds up the emotions for the bride’s parents that have prepared for this moment, to let their daughter venture into the hands of her husband and trust him with her care. It’s so interesting to me to see which parents shed a flood of tears vs. which are so happy to send their daughter off without care (like you see in this photo here) because either way you look at it, it’s a highly emotional moment for all involved, giving so much weight to the documentation of a family’s personal history.”

Matt Gruber – Website | Instagram

1 fathers day photos“This was as soon as the mother of the bride opened the door for dad to walk in and have a first look with his daughter. Instantly tears flowed from everyone’s eyes. Moments like this are so special and we will definitely appreciate them more than ever.”

Jared Gant – Website | Instagram | Wedding Maps Profile

2 fathers day“This is a first-look moment between a father and a bride-to-be. At most weddings, I encourage my couple’s to have this special one on one moment with their parents. This often becomes one of the most emotional and beautiful moments of the entire day. As a father of two myself, I often think about my own children, and how I might feel on their wedding day. although the wedding is obviously about the couple, I think as a photographer it is incredibly important to remember the importance of this day for the parents as well.”

Citlalli Rico – Website | Instagram

fathers day pictures 1“One of my favorite moments of the day is when the bride and her Dad get in the car to go to the ceremony. I always ride with them (I talk to the couple about this in previous meetings) so I don’t miss any important Parent-Daughter moments and the connection from one place to the other. I really like this moment because it is key for storytelling purposes. We were running late to the ceremony and everything was pushed in the schedule. You can see Bianca’s Dad looking at his watch worried about time and she is nervous texting letting people know we are on our way. In the car, I like to use a 24mm to make sure I can get enough context. I ride on the passenger seat, put the seatbelt on, and turn myself around the whole ride with the camera up and ready.”