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‘Fat Flag’ ~ Body Paint + Flags + Food Stereotypes (NSFW)

By Hanssie on December 6th 2013

[Warning: Some images contain nudity and may are NSFW]

Here’s a different take on food photography. It involves, well, food, of course, but not just any type of food. Each food item is the stereotypical food of a nation. For example, what food do you think of when you think of America? If you said hamburgers, then 10 bonus points for you! What about Japan? Sushi, of course.

[REWIND: Creating a City Out of Food – Carl Warner BTS]

In the ‘Fat Flag’ series, photographer Jonathan Icher aims to be facetious while looking at the stereotypes of five different countries. Working with makeup artist, Anastasia Parquet, the two paired each nation’s flag with the iconic food. He wanted his models to be painted with their nation’s flag on their body and eating a food that was customary to that culture.

“I love to work with stereotypes,” he said. “I chose the hair and the expressions of the models [to reflect stereotypes]. The models are a kind of a human representation of their country.”

Check out this fun series below:

jonathan-icher-fat-flag-2 jonathan-icher-fat-flag-3 jonathan-icher-fat-flag-4 jonathan-icher-fat-flag-5


What other foods/countries should Jonathan do next?

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[via @Design Taxi]


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  1. vi

    It’s cool but disappointed most of the “flag” paint was photoshopped.

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  2. Joris

    The Netherlands
    BOERENKOOL (met rookworst)

    Just google it.

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  3. Razvan

    Romanian “sarmale”

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