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Fashion Product Photo Shoots – Clean vs Gritty

By Matthew Saville on November 27th 2012

Here is an interesting juxtaposition for you:  Two fashion product photo shoot behind the scenes videos, with two completely different styles of shooting. The first is an Abercrombie & Fitch fashion shoot, done in a studio with sexy models and perfect lighting, while the second is a Creative Recreations footwear photo shoot in Cairo, Egypt done by Quang Le using mostly hotshoe flashes and (apparently) random bystanders. I’ll let the different styles of photo shoot speak for themselves:

I think it is very interesting to see these two videos together. In my opinion at least, it just goes to prove two things: Firstly, the fashion / commercial photography industry is extremely diverse, and secondly, there is never a substitute for sheer creative vision and skill.

Some may criticize the A&F fashion shoot and call it un-creative, and that anybody who had that much studio gear and super good looking models could pull that off. Well, to that I’d say, …prove it! Executing a high-production studio photo shoot is nowhere near as easy as it looks, it takes plenty of skill and talent alike.

Others may criticize the Cr8Rec photo shoot the same exact way- un-creative, anybody who had a huge budget could grab a couple hotshoe flashes, go to Egypt, and whip out a few product photos. Once again, I doubt it. Personally I have just a little experience in commercial photography, but from what I do know I gotta say I’m extremely impressed by the creative thinking and use of equipment in the photo shoot.

However my opinion is extremely un-important here. We want to know what YOU think!

Until next time, keep on clicking!

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Matthew Saville is a full-time wedding photographer at Lin & Jirsa Photography, and a senior editor & writer at SLR Lounge.

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  1. Joseph Prusa

    Thanks for posting

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  2. Raffaella De Amicis

    While I don’t think the A&F shoot is particularly interesting (the video or the result), it’s probably for a catalog so doesn’t require much in the way of artistic creativity.
    The second shoot was really cool to see and I like the spontaneous feel. Big fan of the shot with the watermelon vendor and the guy in the desert with the shoes around his neck.

    | |