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Fantastic Guide on How to Shoot Sliced Fruit Photography

By fotosiamo on September 3rd 2012

Do you remember when we showed you Adam Voorhees’ behind-the-scenes video of his ESPN Motobike photoshoot? Adam suspended multiple parts of the Kawasaki Motobike using wires and later removed the wires in Photoshop. Of course, an exploded-view photoshoot at this caliber requires a lot of patience, talent, and experience. But if you are itching to try something similar on a smaller scale, how about starting off shooting sliced fruits?

How to Shoot Sliced Fruits by William van der Steen

Sliced banana by William van der Steen

Photographer William van der Steen wrote an awesome shooting tutorial for DIY Photography on how to shoot sliced fruits suspended in mid-air. In the tutorial, he goes step-by-step in preparing the fruits, propping them up, lighting them, and post-processing them.

The “magic” trick is a combination of toothpicks and visualizing how the fruits will look once the toothpicks are digitally removed.

It is definitely a great little tutorial that will get you on your first steps to shooting exploded-view product photography like Adam and his ESPN Motobike.

Be sure to read up William van der Steen’s tutorial on DIY Photography to learn all the details!



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    I think the shots with the toothpicks in the fruits look cooler than the ones postprocessed

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