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Stunning Time-Lapse Photo Project Captures Cities from Dawn to Dusk

By Lauren Kermelis on December 2nd 2013

We experience it every day, the slow but subtle transition from day to night. A daily process, that most of us at some point within our busy lives take for granted. We sometimes tend to grow numb to the beauty and wonders of creation around us, yet every day it continues to deliver, and when we stop for just a moment to take it all in, we are left breathless.


Renown photographer, Stephen Wilkes, is best known for his architectural collections, particularly those incorporating old and abandon spaces. Many of his photos are well known, and a few have even been used in raising funds from the U.S. government for building conservation.

Wilkes newest project, “Day to Night,” does not cease to deliver. In this newest project Wilkes aims to capture the constant motion of energy, by stitching together multiple exposures, taken throughout the course of a day. Here are some works from the collection.




Steven begins this process by photographing non-stop for 15-18 hours. He then chooses the top thirty to fifty photos, and mixes them seamlessly into one photo.



All photographs by Stephen Wilkes are copyrighted and have been used with permission for SLR Lounge. Do not copy, modify or re-post this article or images without express permission from SLR Lounge and the artist.

[via”Exposure Guide“]

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Lauren Kermelis is a freelance photographer wedding, portrait, and event photographer based out of Southern California.

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    Is there a BTW on the process Mr. Wilkes uses? Thank You : )

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