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Falling Back to Earth | HD GoPro Footage From Space

By Kishore Sawh on June 6th 2015


I could wax poetic about space and anything to do with it for hours on end, and I have subjected you all to it from time to time, though in small doses. One of the reasons it’s so compelling a subject to ponder and write about is because we know so little about it. When we live in a time where answers to almost all questions are a few keystrokes of query away, space remains one of the few things to wonder about.


Photography and space exploration have been inextricably linked since the beginning, and it doesn’t seem to be changing. SpaceX’s Falcon rocket recently brought the Dragon spacecraft to orbit bringing with it over 2200 kg of cargo to the International Space Station, including food, repair supplies, and cameras. No doubt we’ll see just what those cameras are going to capture soon enough, but Falcon 9 also attached a GoPro that captured some gorgeous footage as it fell back to Earth.

[REWIND: Challenges & Rewards of Astronaut Photography With Don Pettit & NASA]


Set to an ever enduringly beautiful waltz by Strauss, the video is captivating; the hostility and unforgiving nature of the environment the GoPro is in as it tumbles over and over, juxtaposed with the soothing and equally beautiful composition of The Blue Danube, makes it enchanting. Regardless of what noises videos are put out by GoPro users the world over, this makes up for it.

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  1. Barry Cunningham

    Nice real space video.
    Nice music.
    Kubrick had nicer space ships and space stations.

    | |
  2. brian williams

    What’s is up with this title? Is this click baiting or what? No falling. It should be ‘GoPro Spins in Space’. Just because they put classical music, it stands out? SLR Lounge is better than this. Fix the title, then people wouldn’t be let down.

    | |
  3. Graham Curran

    One has to ask whether the choice of The Blue Danube is a deliberate homage to 2001, irony or just a cliché. It certainly wasn’t chosen just as “a pleasant juxtaposition”.

    | |
  4. Peter Nord

    This stuff is addictive. I followed the shuttle link. Pretty soon i missed breakfast.

    | |
  5. Justin Eid

    If you like space then you should see the 4k time-lapse of a satellite going across the earth. AMAZING!

    | |
  6. Dustin Baugh

    I much preferred the 8 min Shuttle SRB video from launch to splashdown. Strauss is soothing but the actual audio of launch, separation, and the hiss of atmosphere building during the fall back to earth has more impact.

    | |
  7. Andre Queree

    Is there more? This is more like “spinning slowly high above Earth” rather than “falling back to Earth”. It’s a great view, but it’s a bit of a tease. :P

    | |
  8. Paddy McDougall

    Amazing, one question how did the stop the gopro being burned up in re entry? That’s a memory card I would buy ;)

    | |