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Fake It Till You Make It? – Maybe NOT! – A DigitalRev Original Video

By Matthew Saville on February 27th 2012

Thephrase “fake it till you make it!” is thrown around quite often among aspiring professional photographers.Good idea?Maybe not…

I was browsing our awesome friends Fstoppers the other day and I came across this hilarious-but-almost-serious video done by the awesome guys at DigitalRev.This kind of entertainment may not be amusing to everyone, especially if you’re a veteran pro who is a bitter about the whole “fake it till you make it” trend.But anyway, here it is:

So, what do YOU think about “fake it till you make it”???Obviously, you can’t fake being a high-end studio photographer, especially when under the scrutiny of one of the world’s BEST studio photographers!

However, what about the gray area that isn’t so obvious?If you’re an aspiring pro and all your clients love your photos, is it okay to “fake it” a little and pretend like you’re highly successful when you’re just starting out?


In the immortal words of Chandler from “FRIENDS”- Can, open.Worms, everywhere…

If everyone can behave themselves and enjoy this discussion, maybe “Can ‘o Worms w/ Matthew Saville” will become a regular topic!

Take care,

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  1. Ryan

    Dumb. I agree with Kurt.

    | |
  2. Anonymous

    Test Text .. blah blah

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  3. Kurt

    Hilarious but hardly a fair comparison. I should like to see how the comparison would go against a competent but non-pro dslr user who does understands composition, DoF and what lenses to use. Guess this would be a much harder task for the judge. 

    | |
    • Matthew Saville

      Indeed, Kurt, this is certainly a ridiculous comparison, and it would be more productive (although far less entertaining) to pit a skilled hobbyist against the skilled pro.

      However by the same token, take a skilled hobbyist and put them under pressure in a professional environment, throw in a few curve balls like a bride running 90 mins late or a drastic change in weather, (or both) …and see how the skilled hobbyist performs compared to the experienced pro.

      I suppose we all know the outcome to such a discussion-  there is a difference between skill and experience.  ;-)


      | |