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Could This (Fake?) Image Be The Fabled Canon EOS M3?

By Anthony Thurston on September 8th 2014

We all know that the original EOS-M was a colossal flop in most markets (Asia being about the only exception to what I have heard). So much so that the EOS-M2 was only released in Asia (in reality, it was more like an EOS-M1.5, basically just with added Wifi). So we have all been wondering, when would Canon step up and try to hit the US/Euro mirrorless markets again?

A new image has surfaced online over the last 24 hours, which is claiming to be a shot of the fabled EOS-M3. It features a small viewfinder and flip out LCD screen, but otherwise looks very much like the original M and M2. Most believe it is a fairly well done fake, but what if it’s not?


Would you give the M line another shot if the next M body came with these features, assuming the guts on the inside were up to par with current technology? Personally, I think the image is fake, but I would love to see an EOS M3 with those features. Well, I could care less about the flip out screen, but I would love a viewfinder and an addition of the 70D’s Dual Pixel AF technology.

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Photokina is only a short while away, it will be interesting to see if Canon actually does release this M3 and managed to keep it under wraps this long…


What are your thoughts on the above image? Is it a good fake or could Canon actually have a new M on the horizon? Leave a comment below!

[via Canon Watch]

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  1. William Emmett

    The engineering/marketing people at Canon really dropped the big lead ball with the “M” series camera. It seems to me they tried to engineer a marketable camera for the market in 2007 or so. You and I know, with as fast as technology moves today, you must engineer with future products in mind. When the “M” system went to be engineered it should have had a new full frame sensor, cutting edge video, ultra fast auto focus with both M lenses, and EF and EF-S lenses. Canon could have engineered a M to EF converter with a 1.6 tele-converter to go with this camera. Also, add some of the systems from the main base cameras, like in camera HDR, TTL flash. After all these things are just how the sensor programs manipulate the image. With the advances in micro technology, a full frame mirrorless camera could compete with the larger DSLRs to a point.

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  2. Peter McWade

    At this point in the game I would not even consider a Canon M. Sony has me pretty solid on the A7R.

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  3. Kim Farrelly

    Well a mirror less 70D would be a fine thing to place in the M style. Just a pity Canon chose to sell another series of lenses and not get their adaptor working well. Here’s hoping third time lucky, eh Canon?

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  4. Gareth Roughley

    I would be interested to see something new and mirrorless from canon especially since I could mount all of my EOS lenses. It would be great to have a high quality mirrorless that didn’t break the bank.

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