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Creating a faded black and white vintage looking image in Photoshop really isn’t as difficult as it sounds. In fact, neither is creating a Photoshop action that will recreate the entire effect on any photo you desire.

So, in this Photoshop video tutorial, I am going to teach you not only how to create the faded black and white vintage cross processed effect seen in the samples above, I am also going to teach you how to turn it into an editable action that you can easily apply to across any photo you like.

When creating our action, we are going to focus on making the action very universal, as well as making sure that every adjustment and layer is modifiable on an image by image basis. To download the exercise files and the completed action, please see the download section below.


Exercise File Download Links:

Note: This image have been provided to the SLR Lounge users courtesy of Lin and Jirsa Photography for educational purposes only. They may not be used in any other manner outside of these SLR Lounge learning videos without the express written consent of Lin and Jirsa Photography. Thank you.

Full RAW Exercise File, Before and After Examples and Photoshop Action (13MB) – This full RAW file will allow you to follow the tutorial while achieving the exact same results as shown. The included Photoshop Action is the exact action created in the tutorial. Feel free to use, modify and distribute under the Creative Commons Attribution License providing credit to SLR Lounge where applicable.


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