We have all been there, we upload a beautiful image to Facebook only to have their image compression algorithms kill the quality of the image. The problem is not just with the algorithms, it is with the ever changing quality in the backend. Some people have managed to figure out what quality settings work best to get the desired quality out of their Facebook images only to have Facebook change the algorithm on the back end a few weeks later. Maybe…… Possibly…… Hopefully that is all about to change.

Earlier today Facebook announced a few new features to its news feed, included in those features are improved image quality. Sadly our information does not get much more detailed, just that Facebook is releasing improvements to its Images included in the News Feed upgrade announced today.


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I am cautiously optimistic here. I mean I empathize with Facebook, the sheer number of images that get uploaded on an hourly basis is staggering so I understand the need to strictly control image compression for storage reasons. But the status quo is just so infuriating sometimes. Hopefully these new image improvements are not only in the image size department and also include sizeable improvements in image quality. But alas, only time will tell.

What you’re your thoughts? Will Facebook finally get its image quality issues fixed? Let us know in a comment below.